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Bryam Xavier Astudillo Carpio

Structural Engineering Ph.D. student at
Stanford University

Bryam Astudillo is a Graduate Research Assistant specializing in Structural Engineering at Stanford University.

With a strong focus on seismic performance and nonlinear modeling of structures, Astudillo is passionate about Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Resilience. His current research centers on advancing the design of high-performing structures using strongback frames and force-limiting connections.

He has gained valuable experience in numerical simulation and full-scale testing, including shake-table testing of a 4-story building at the E-Defense shake table in Japan.

Beyond engineering, Bryam enjoys programming, playing soccer, and spending time with family and friends.

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Aug. Presented a poster at the PEER Annual Meeting 2023, UC Berkeley.

Jul. Published a modeling uncertainty paper in Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics.

Jun. Attended the AISC Task Committee (TC9 - Seismic Systems) Group Meeting in Chicago, IL.

Jun. Presented a study in modeling uncertainty at EMI23 in Atlanta, GA.

May. Presented a study in spines and force-limiting connection at the Research Review mini-conference in the School of Sustainability. Stanford, CA.

Apr. Received a registration grant to attend the 2023 EERI Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Mar. Was awarded the annual Shah Fellowship on Catastrophic Risk from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.


Oct. Presented a poster at Blume/SURI Affiliates and Alumni Meeting 2023, Stanford University.

Oct. Joined the PEER Student Committee as Assistant Director of PSC Core. 2022-2023.

Sep. Started his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Stanford University.

Sep. Collaborated in the organization of the PEER Pitches Contest at the PEER Researcher's Workshop held in UC Berkeley.

Jun. Received his MS degree in Civil Engineering.

Jun. Presented a study in strongback frames at 12NCEE in Salt Lake, UT.

Jun. Received EERI Student Scholarship to attend 12NCEE.

May. Presented a study in numerical simulations of frames with spines and force-limiting connection at STESSA conference held in Romania (virtual).

Mar. Defended his MS thesis at Oregon State University.


Oct. Co-authored a paper in the 17th World Conference in Earthquake Engineering (17WCEE) in Japan.

Jul. Started a summer internship at Tipping Structural Engineers in Berkeley, CA.

Jun. Joined the PEER Student Committee as a student board member. 2021-2022.

Apr. Co-authored a paper in the Annual Stability Conference organized by the Structural Stability Research Council and held in Louisville, KY.

Mar. Presented (virtually) at the 2021 EERI Annual Meeting.


Dec. Tested a Frame-Spine and Frame-Spine-FLC full-scale specimen at the E-Defense shake table in Japan.

Sep. Started his MS in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) at Oregon State University.

Sep. Moved to the United States to start graduate school.

Jun. Presented at EURODYN congress held in Greece (virtual).


Jun. Received Fulbright Scholarship to start graduate studies in the US in 2020.

Apr. Co-authored an article on floor accelerations and attended Structure Congress at Orlando, FL.

Apr. Received ASCE/SEI Student Scholarship to attend Structure Congress.


Dec. Started working at Universidad de Cuenca (Ecuador) as a Research Engineer.

Dec. Received his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad de Cuenca.